Monday, April 12, 2010

Us (Christians) and the Cousins (Muslims).

Last March 15 to 29, 2010, hubby and I went Malaysia for a two weeks missions trip. We worked with M couple there (that's what they called themselves because they can't use missionary). The work (as they called it since they can't use the word ministry because it will bring them into trouble.) really challenged us. 
I can't tell them I am a Christian because if I say so... the word Christian would bring shame to my self and they would leave you alone the moment you say the word. And what terrifies me really was when I was told that not to mention Jesus name too because its as bad as the word Christian... whewh! What am I would be then? that's  what I was thinking as I minister to the cousins (means Muslim) kids. 
As I was pondering with my questions the Lord somehow show me some things to think about; then I told myself I really am no difference to what the Muslims thought of me if I don't really really follow Christ's  example in a very meticulous way. We Christians should repent to what we have done or doing that is not pleasing to the Lord... and still we called ourselves Christian or follower of Jesus Christ and yet doing what Jesus dislikes. Its no wonder why those people are willing to kill us because they abhor the thought of us. We thought we are the light but actually we are bringing darkness to their world. And not only that we are dragging Jesus' Name  with us into darkness. 
Let's turn to light again. Stand up for Jesus and do as Jesus did! And let the light of JESUS shines through us as we serve and follow Him. And let God minister to those people we ministers  and let Him bring them to light as we stand shining in the midst of them.
Hail to you JESUS my King!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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