Saturday, January 9, 2010

A wife that misses her husband (...that's me!..)

Three down but two more to go. Hubby left for five days with a group of American missionaries up North. These missionaries conducts leadership seminar there. So hubby was asked by our team leader to drive our team van for them. Part of us wants t
o say no because this is the first time we were apart since we got married, but thinking about Jesus made us decide that he goes. This is quite a struggle for me, specially when I am alone in the house or I could watched lovers on my favorite tv series being together. It made miss hubby more, I even love the smell of our bed sheets because it smells like him. lol! (am I still ok?). Whatever, all I know now is I want hubby back... as in righ
t at this very moment.
This is funny, last lnight was hubbies second night away from me and can't help myself but shed a tear. "This is terrible!" I said to myself, he's only away to two days and yet for me it seems like a million days; goodness I was quite ashamed with myself.
But who can blame me anyway?! who could blame a wife missing her husband! I know now why it says that: "A husband is bound to his wife and a wife is bound to her husband till death!"
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Thyme2dream said...

I know how you feel- my husband is from Scotland and has to travel back there from our home here in Kansas in a month or so- I will be missing him for 3 weeks!! :-)