Sunday, May 31, 2009


To days ago my husband and I went to a family camp as a volunteer staff. My husband main job aside from tens of other responsibilities was to lead the worship. Well, as for me I was assigned to help with the kids. And there were 30 of them 6 of them were 1 1/2 year old and less and the others were 12 and less.
It was my first time to attend to two crying kids at the same time. So crazy... reason that during dinner time I had two cups of strong coffee to keep me going. hahaha. And during bed time the coffee got into my system and I was not able to sleep for a long time (poor me.)
It was indeed crazy but very fulfilling knowing those families who just lived in the street and they have no home and food is really a big problem to them reason that they snip solvent to avoid the need of food.... were able to come and experienced all the good things. The kids we were tending were all malnourished with big eyes, big tummies, and has diarrhea... oh goodness!
The food was buffet: so picture in your mind all these people getting a mountain full of food on their plates and try to get more after the first plate. To them it was a feast... if they could only eat today for the need of food for the other day... they would probably do.
We, the staff of MERCY MINISTRY stayed at the tent to give way of the families whom of the first time in their life experience a comfortable sleep at the cabin, with a nice bed and comforting sheets and pillows. We were uncomfortable... its hard to get sleep, but thinking of the families sleeping nicely makes it worth.
The owner of the camp did an amazing job too by understanding the people we minister. The rule of the camp was not to get food morethan you could eat... but these people get more than we expected and of course means more left overs, but the owner just smile at them and lovingly told us to remind them to get little anyways they can always go back to get more.
We come home sleepy and tired but happy and satisfied!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!