Wednesday, March 4, 2009

TT-surprised act!

I dont know what have had happen to me today. I've attended our meeting and some of my fellow worker in Christ were discussing issues with regards to the girls youth of his church. Issues that I had encountered before when I was still doing youth ministries. And actually these past few weeks I felt useless when it comes to doing ministry because my ministry comes rarely. And i do have some desire to impart what ever I have received from the Lord to some people young or adult. I even thought of having a Bible study at our place things that did not happen. I dont want to do ministry in their church due to some personal reasons even though the need to help them is great but I stubbornly refused them amidst of their bugging.
So today... everybody in that group were both surprised and overwhelmed when I volunteered to teach the girls at their Bible study every tuesday. Actually I was surprised myself and after the meeting I sat down on my table and tried to evaluate the things I've done and said.
But what ever my motivations... I know the Lord has something to do with this. And I know in myself that I will do this out of love to my SAVOUR... my KING... my JESUS CHRIST!

Thank you Lynn for thankful thursday.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!