Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today is again Friday but I am still posting my thankful Thursday post. Who anyways… would not thank the only provider and God for all His wondrous deeds. And I would like to thank grace alone and of course ate rocks

The Lord has been faithful to my life from even before I was conceived by my mother and up to my present life here on earth.

Just last night or early this morning we (my hubby and my team) arrived from a conference/convention we have attended in Macau, China. It has been a dream for me to travel abroad with friends and loved ones… and the Lord just made that dreams come true.

We have great time exploring the place for days. We walk so much because its better like that than riding a cab. But we also did try to take their bus, cab, and we even try the cable car. Its quite expensive there than here but it is so understandable why. We also tried their food… knowingly all involves noodles… and to those who doesn’t know… they don’t served water but tea (I mean this is in the small restaurant which we called carenderia’s). but in nice restaurant they do served water.. but be careful cause they served it hot.

We stayed in a hotel that surprisingly a lot of Filipinos worked… so it’s not that hard to talk and asked questions… which is a huge blessing to all of us.

It is really hard to communicate with the native people there because they don’t understand even simple English. So to be understood be use body language which is very hilarious and helpful anyway.

We praise God for all the time He is good! Jesus is indeed with His children whenever and whatever!

I have more to say… but I will save this for later updates.

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!