Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My "must have" list for 2009/Lemonade Award!

This is my first time to do this and thanks to Abbelle for this Lemonade Award.

(And I dont know if the "must have list is included in this. hahaha. Anyways... I'm maybe confused or something but I will do it anyway since I find it fun.)

so here’s the list for this year.

1. A new quality digital camera! We really need this for ministry use. Its hard to do presentation without pictures to put to it since there is none to find.

2. LCD/flat screen tv since we dont own one yet, and whenever we my hubby and I would like to watch whatever... we drove our bike to ate rocks house. which is fun anyways.

3. A new motorbike. We are planning to sell our bike and buy a new one, but we just can't do it right now.

The rule says that I should nominate 10 other blogs that shows attitude of gratitude, so here goes . . . . .
Rocks, A pilgrim's Journey, Gee, Lisa, Jacky, Thyme2dream, Jeff, Shawie, Karen and Liza. And everybody else who visit my blog. Thanks to all of you.