Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My life at night!

It has been my prayer that the Lord would give me a good paying job. A job that would sustain me and Doy with our everyday expenses even without getting any support from being a missionary, a job that would sustain even our ministry expenses. As this was always in my prayer... 3 mos ago a friend of ours whom from CA whom I met when he join a group to help us with our Christmas parties activities 2008 told me that he went over my FB profile and found out that I finished college... he wanted to support me through hiring me to be his virtual administrative assistant.
I grab this opportunity hoping this was Gods answer to my prayers. And in short.. got the job... calling leads and setting appointment and listening to my boss what not that quite easy and plus doing that at one am my time and its 9am there time was no fun at all, but since I prayed about it I stayed and still on it!
I both love and hate my job. I love it because if i have loads of time and got appointment and sales I also get paid big, but what makes me hate it is; i hate calling people... i hate being hated by them. I felt like I am an intruder. And its no fun. I want to encourage people... not wanting them to help me. I want tell them how good is Jesus is... that there is hope even this deteriorating world, that God is still full control. And all we need to do is go back into His arms. I like it when people talk to me as if I'm not a telemarketer. I like it when they gave me a chance to me to be me. But it seldom happens. the ratio is 1in500.
Now, my prayer is that. If this is God's will... that He may give me peace and enjoy my work. And that I will be able to set an appointments... loads of it for him. that my boss will be blessed too in his business for he is a good man.
In everything I just lift it all to the Lord my God for it is written that: all thing work together for good to those who love HIM!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!


Glenda is the name. =) said...

Yikes! I kinda feel the same way too with my job. I love and hate it too! I love it because I can manage my own time and the people I work with are all great people. && I hate it because if we don't have have shows, then there's no money too! =(

On the other hand, I'm thankful to God that despite of our economic crisis... He gave us JOB! =) Amen to that! It's so hard to find job nowadays.

Anyway, your job sounds pretty interesting though. How does that work? I'm curious, eh? hehehe


redkathy said...

I work with my hubby and YES I can relate to the love/hate thing. WE have customers who are rude and lie. I am not usually shaken by their games. Let's face it, we all have to have money to live right. Recently, one of our long standing customers was so mean and rude, it made me cry with anger.(hate) Well that pushed my husband over the edge. He said something that got us both through it, "We work for God".(love) Granted I had to listen to the rest of hubby's rant(hate) but those words got us both through the job.
Hope your prayers are clearly answered.