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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

wedding pictures!

Last night I just can’t put myself to sleep, probably because of too much caffeine intake (I blame coffee?.. nah… I love coffee), or may be because of I think a lot which is stupidness as the Bible says; “do not fret” but just can help myself. So… because of that I look over our pictures.. wedding picture again, as I scroll down I can’t help but reminisce I love my wedding day because I saw most of the people I treasured much in my life. But as I went on looking I saw some faces that I don’t like too… some people that hurt my feelings soo deeply and badly, people that are insensitive, tackles, proud and all sort of things like that,. that up to the moment the thought of them makes me squirm (goodness I’m sinning… I hate this feelings but just can’t help it… so help me God.. and help me forgive and forget.)

And because of that I instantly close the album, I stop looking since they’re almost in every picture I love to look at…. Which makes me sad. So since I don’t like looking at the picture I instead listen to our wedding songs and wished that day to happen again.

God bless you guys!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!