Sunday, March 8, 2009

Friendship Award!

Summer time is here and I am busy again. Busy in anything. Sometimes when its get really hot... it made me wish that rain would come but sometimes I felt I am too selfish because others just wished it to be this way too.

I got this Let’s be Friends Award below from Abelle and I am so thankful to her. It took a while to post this though too because of busy schedule and down internet access. thanks to smartbro. hahaha!, but I never forget wonderful things like this.

lets be friends award

The rule says to pass it along to eight people and tell why you chose them, so here goes.

Rocks - for being an extraordinaire kind of person and friend. I got into blogging because of all her encouragement and help.

Abelle - for always being so nice and friendly. I tagged you again. but you don't need to get this again anyways... just wanted to tell you are you really appreciated.

Lyla - for always dropping by to say hello!

Glenda - another wonderful person I met here.

Lisa - for being nice and wonderful.

And for all who visits my blog. Just get this! You deserve this because you are all wonderful and nice and friendly. I would love to tag you all... but I am too lazy busy. Sorry!

Hope you all are doing the greatest!

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