Thursday, January 22, 2009

To my fellow blogger....

I am sad because instead of follow this blog is says, stop following on mine. I try to figure it out why and to delete it or remove it somehow... but I just can't. I have asked my friend (ate Raquel) to fix it for me... but she doesn't know how to do it to.

And to those who would like to follow my blog... please do so... just don't look at the title there. And if you happen to know the solution please let me know.

Thanks... and God bless!

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Thyme2dream said...

thank you for your sweet comments on my blog (My Strength & My Song)!! I think I know the answer to your problem here..the "Stop Following" shows up to people who are already on the follow list..before I started following your blog it said "follow this blog" and now that I do follow it gives me the option to stop if I need to..but I wont, so no worries:)