Sunday, January 25, 2009


my preciuos Nicole and hubby.

This past few weeks.... I've been trying to evaluate my works, plans, ministry, my life and my faith (do I really trust God with my daily needs and my life in general.)
Its easy to say I trust God in everything if you have overcame your struggles and fears. But while you are still in the midst of it... its the hardest part.
There are times that I feel useless for God.... but I just dont want to start up a ministry just for the sake of doing something good but not really what you feel like God wants you to do.
I instead chose to work with hubby which is I really vowed on to do. But hubby sometimes just don't need me with his works and if we do work together on something the result will always be amazing, but along the way... I mean during the actual work... there were always be a big fight... that seems would break our relationship apart.
But... its always like that... I kind of... used to such situation. but... to tell you it really sucks. (hahaha)
And now.. we are struggling over finances because we are attending a conference in Macau on feb.8 and we are not yet fully paid for the registration and plus those bills that are about to come to its dues and plus the debt that we need to settle the soonest possible (hahaha). But dont get me wrong I truly believe that God will provide for us (God has proved Himself to me over and over again that He is able.) But... my foolish heart is being just me again... with its human nature thingyyyy!
May the Lord forgive me of feeling this way. I know He will do thing in His own special way and in His time. God never fails and will never be late!
God bless you all!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!


Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful family. happy ws!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to your Macau trip. I read at Raquel's blog a month ago na they can get a cheap ticket from Cebu Pacific. I assume you're coming with them?

Anyway, Here's a little something for you ;o)

Anonymous said...

That is such a nice family picture. Hope you can get your finances turned around soon. I just enjoyed reading a good book that may help as you work with your husband. It's called "The Excellent Wife" by Martha Peace. It's on