Monday, January 19, 2009

Old good days!

I woke this morning praying in my bed...prayin' for the sake of it. Then finally, it strucked me... a question of: "why I am praying?. And indeed ask myself why I am doing this?"

When I finally see myself praying just because I am asking for something from HIM.... I stop from praying. I evaluate myself deeply. And started crying because I was rebuked by God.

....after that when my heart was right before the Lord... I started praying again.

The Lord is indeed like a Dad to me. He is always teaching me the right thing to do. I dont know how to live without HIM in my life.

Glory and honor and power belongs only to JESUS!

"Every blessing you pour out turns back to praise!"

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Anonymous said...

Hello Friend,

Thanks for your interest in joining Christian Carders. I've removed your link for now, but please reapply once you get the button up under your Entrecard (I couldn't spot it anywhere).

Take care!