Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Looking back (2008)....Moving forward (2009)

Looking back.... Moving forward.....!

Last year 2008 was the most interesting....most challenging, ever victorious year of my life! It started last year new year's eve.....
....I was just upstairs in the girls room of our missions house because my stomach was so painful.
.....the food, the noise, the laughter I've heard was nothing compare to the pain I felt that time. God only knows how I have suffered that night.
....then new years day came... I was still in pain, and by the way I was already brought to two hospitals who unfortunately was not able to tell what I was undergoing through.
....finally on the night of January first 2008... I was brought to another hospital and the last one too... and the doctors had told my companionsI was very in a critical state and said that I should have brought earlier... or it would be...bye...bye...carmel. And yet I know that God was not finish with me yet...that I still have purpose here on earth. Praise God for an extention of my life! I was in the hospital for almost two weeks...
....while I was there.... Andrew my fiance was worried then on where we should get money for medicine and hospital bills. but lo and behold God had provided it all. (However some people who learned that we are planning to get married on June declared that no wedding will gonna happen because of the huge money I needed for my hospitalization.) But we may have no money and means to spend for things.... we have a GOD who can supply all our needs..., So what we did was we hang on to God's promises and indeed His faithfulness never ends. .

... the month of May came; I went to boracay for free for 3 nights and 4 days. I live in luxury there! (gotta stay in a very nice and quite expensive hotel.)

.....June 3, a friend of mine died too, three days before my wedding. I was mixed emotion by then...don't know what to say or do.

....June 6 came and was the BIG DAY for me and Andrew because this was the day that the Lord has made for us to rejoice. This is the day of a new beginning for another chapter of our life.
....we got married in Casa Blanca, Intramuros Manila @ 5pm. What a happy day!.... the Lord still provides! ....I have an interesting life after I got married. We've got our own place (though rented but its okay.)

...September came... God gave us a motorbike.
...October came... God gave us a brand new laptop.

...December came...finally we've got our financial support from IT, booked a flight for Macau... and of course our grand holiday trip to Anawangin.

Well who says that God forget the lowly people!
...I'm maybe low and needy but my God never forgets me!

....and its only a month now for our trip to Macau on Feb 7, 2009.

To God be all glory and honor! Thank you Lord Jesus!

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

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