Saturday, November 29, 2008

What happen to me?!?

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

I was physically and emotionally down this past few weeks and days, reasons why I did not post any personal experiences and other sort of stuff.
I was both frustrated and disappointed... I just dont know why. I was both happy and sad too. happy because I received gift from someone, but sad because I am thinking now what to give back since it Christmas time, knowing shopping would just be a dream to me because starting today life would be very busy.
Another thing...why I am sad is... a not so close friend died just few days ago. Though he was not that close to me...I find a connection with him still as a brother in faith. I will never forget his smile when we visited him at the hospital last monday, he was strong and still joyful, he was even joking. It never came to my mind that he would die too soon. I was actually expecting of seeing him playing his guitar at church again. But alas! his brother texted us yesterday telling us his gone.... forever.
I am overwhelmed with sadness...which I cannot explain why! Each time I remember him...I can't help but cry!
I dont know, I feel that part of me is guilty of things I did not do for him. I dont know, probably God is telling me of something which I pray that I may see clearly.
But I know that he is with Jesus now happy and not suffering from any sickness at all.
May God's name glorified through his death.
.....Gary, will you hug God for me... ..... see you then there dear brother!