Thursday, November 6, 2008

Michael J. Wong

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

We are blessed to welcome another youth missionary to our team. He is Chinese-Canadian guy. He grew up in Toronto Canada but his dad is from Hong Kong, China. He joined our team as a missionary. He arrived last Oct. 28, 2008. He is staying here for two months. He came to see and witness, on what God is doing here in the Philippines. He heard a lot of stories though but he wanted to see and experience it himself.

...good old friends...

This is very personal and has sentimental touch to my hubby.
When he was browsing songs from our computer this morning…he found out more old songs from a file which we both don’t know its there. When he listen to some familiar songs…memories from the past came alive. He misses his band “SOULJAHS” a lot. He said its really different when you are around old good times friends.
But everyone has different role to play in life. Thanks to God that somehow he brought everyone together to establish a bond of friendship. Indeed all relationship whatever it is…. Is worth restoring.
My hubby were blessed with a new electric guitar, just recently bought.. which is a dream come true to him. And he once told me that he’d wish he was using this guitar then… when they were having concerts and him playing the lead guitar.
To all of us…may God greatly be blessed in our life as we continue to serve HIM! ate raquel....

Every Blessing that YOU poured out...turns back to Praise...!

I cant hardly believe that its only almost five years that we know each other because to me its seems lifetime. She is the ate I long for…the ate I never had… the ate I prayed for to have. She is just one in a million kind of person…very easy and comfortable to be with. A lot of like me…would love to hang out and chat with her just anything under the sun. She was there when life was sucks and critical. She was there to help and sort out things. I could never imagine life without her. I would love to inquire things from here…specially something very girly and cheesy. She never is…selfish. She loves to give and give and give but very seldom she receives from those she gives.
I was once told someone that I would like to follow where she lives… I mean liveclose to her. Hahaha.
May the Lord bless her and look at her with more favor. May God water all the dry are of her life.