Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pretty busy week!

My team (Youth Mobilization Team under International Teams Philippines) and other team (Extreme Response) are joining force together to hold Christmas parties to under privileged areas like smokey mountain, olongapo and kanawan tribes. So far this is were our major Christmas parties.
Yesterday we had the kids Christmas party in smokey mountain and we described this party as wild and crazy. Yes, it was indeed wild and crazy because of so many kids and parents who came. And guess what?... the parents are more stubborn than their children. We started the party at three in the afternoon and we expect to be done at six but we went up to nine in the evening instead. Our team went home at twelve midnight. It was tiring... but in good purpose!
Today... we are heading to Olongapo for another big party tomorrow. It's gonna be a long trip and tiring day again. We will be staying there for four days. I wont be back till next week.
Thanks to the Lord for giving us opportunities like this to serve HIM through this activities. Thanks to HIM who came to the world to save us.
Please pray for us that the favor of protection and good health will be upon us as we do this things and may HIS NAME alone will be seen and be glorified.
So, I wont be doing anything on my blog and I wont be doing any dropping any entrecard too.
I will do it when I come back...promise!

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