Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a night out!

Last night, Doy and I went to visit our inaanak (god daughter) Nicole. Its always good to see her because she made us laugh by her little always new tricks. I enjoyed going visiting her almost every night. I also hang out with other friends by watching tv together (because we dont have tv yet) kind of... a girl thing, and Doy would hang out with the boys, ...ofcourse looking for some good guitar on the internet or watching bitoy's youtube's uploads which very guy thing.
Well, they also ate balut last night.
Time has come for me and Doy to went home... but before going home... we feel like seeing Luneta Park so indeed we drove heading there. But before we reach Luneta our motor broke down. It doesn't want to start. So... what happen was... Doy pushes our motorbike from infront of Diamond hotel to our place....where it took us almost two ours. Just imagine how big our motorbike is compare to how skinny is Doy....kind of hilarious.
We went to bed at almost three o'clock in the morning because of that. and we promise not to do a "joy ride" at night again. What a night indeed!


Anonymous said...

wahahahahaha!dapat ikaw nagtulak :) bakit di kayo nagtext for saklolo???

Anonymous said...

nice posting