Sunday, November 9, 2008

story of the one....

Central Park Baptist Church
Last July of this year, a team from Central Park Baptist Church (CPBC), based in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada came to work with the YM team. The team, composing of 6 adults and 7 young people, tirelessly and wholeheartedly gave their best in ministering to various church partners and participating in different activities with the YM Team from the 2nd of July to the 16th.
Their team is very unique says their youth leader Christianne, the wife of Andrew Rutledge, CPBC’s youth pastor. Unique in such a way that their energy and enthusiasm are really contagious and the YM team really appreciates their willingness to serve in any way.
On the other hand, I took notice of one of them because she was a little different. She doesn't always talk and she will just sit in a corner and read her book while the others are busy. When you take a picture of her, she won’t smile and you won’t see any reaction in her face at all. She loves to be alone. She has a lot of piercing too and she loves to wear black.
I started to really get curios about her. So in my desire to get to know her more, I did some asking. From what I gathered, back home in Canada, let’s just say that she is not heading in the direction where her parents want her to go. Even going to school is a bit of a struggle for her and she was also getting into the worldly things that many youth are involved in right now. So joining the mission team didn't mean a thing to her and the only reason why she came is because her parents said so.
The good news is, the Lord works in mighty ways, and He has a definite plan to breakthrough in her life. Their team was scheduled to help a church in General Trias, Cavite (about two hours from Manila) do a "Daily Vacation Bible School". Then something amazing happened to her. One morning while everybody was busy preparing for the day, she went outside and started dancing and singing with the kids. For the first time, she was smiling and laughing! Everyone was speechless and couldn't believe what they saw. Her youth leader almost cried because their efforts for her proved to be not in vain. Their prayers were answered! Their mission trip in Manila really changed the life of their dear sister.
The impact of their time in Cavite showed in the sad faces of the children when their time to leave came. All the children cried as well as our dear sister. Just like how all the children felt, she wanted her time with the kids to never end. What a great impact indeed that she and her whole mission team left those children that up to this point, the church has continued the ministry they have started with the kids. Moreover, what a greater impact those children had on her that she became a different person after her mission experience.
When they head back to Canada after 14 days, we couldn’t help it but to say goodbye with tears in everyone’s eyes. All experienced mixed emotions - sad but happy knowing a life has been changed by God again through missions. Wanting to keep all of them here but sent them home with an expectant heart believing in our hearts that whatever they experienced here will always be a treasure in their hearts. They will never be the same again! To God be the glory, who never gets tired of changing us through HIS love and compassion!

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