Thursday, November 6, 2008

...good old friends...

This is very personal and has sentimental touch to my hubby.
When he was browsing songs from our computer this morning…he found out more old songs from a file which we both don’t know its there. When he listen to some familiar songs…memories from the past came alive. He misses his band “SOULJAHS” a lot. He said its really different when you are around old good times friends.
But everyone has different role to play in life. Thanks to God that somehow he brought everyone together to establish a bond of friendship. Indeed all relationship whatever it is…. Is worth restoring.
My hubby were blessed with a new electric guitar, just recently bought.. which is a dream come true to him. And he once told me that he’d wish he was using this guitar then… when they were having concerts and him playing the lead guitar.
To all of us…may God greatly be blessed in our life as we continue to serve HIM!

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Anonymous said...

Ya, dolf cherished his friendship with andoy so much too..didn't i tell you he was so happy when you came and greeted him on his birthday? It meant a lot for him. I know we are journeying a different path but that doesn't mean we can't be real friends di ba?

All relationships are worth restoring..and the friendship we had is all the more worth fighting..naks!

Love you both! Thank you so much for everything!