Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I woke very early this morning. I don’t know why though because I’m not used of doing so. All I remember was, I went to bed at around 12am last night with a huge headache. Probably form the pressure of seeing relatives. We went to visit my Dad’s aunt in Baclaran because it was her b-day. I never thought that it would be that BIG….there was a long table with lots of food, there was lechon (roasted pig) that was sooo yummy---to lot’s of Filipinos though. There loads of cakes.. hahahha. And what amuses me more was.. there was a karaoke/videoke stand outside. My uncle were singing and dancing at the same time.. there was a lot of drinking too. Seeing them happy makes me happy and sad. (my friends knew why…)
It was fun! But it would be more fun if only Jesus is the one that rules their lives.

It was raining this morning. But I love the rain because it ushers me to come and talk to God. I have a wonderful morning though its not that nice outside. But in my heart I know that whatever the outside may look and bring, as long I am well inside my heart with my precious God…everything would be just Amazing knowing I have an AMAZING GOD!

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