Sunday, October 26, 2008

our ministry involvement

What we do?

I am a helpmate to my spouse….and we are both missionaries of Youth Mobilization Ministry under International Teams Philippines, a mission organization.

Our team/vision is we exists to empower the youth ministries of churches by equipping and training youth leaders and by giving them opportunities to experience missions.
Our team is composed of several departments: Partnership, Training, Teams and Outreach. Each departments has its own director. So with us, our focus is the teams department, here is where we help long term, short term, summer teams, interns missionaries and we also have touch trips….
Andrew my husband is the director of this department and I work with the communications. My job is to accept and answer emails from different IT team leaders all over the world there is IT. What we do here is we link them to our church partners ministries. We also help missionaries with their schedules, accommodations, ministry involvements and recreation.

If you want to know more about us, just click this link:

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Hello there, Carmel! It's so nice of Rocks to do that. And of course, we may exchange links. Thanks! ;o)