Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Amazing people that made other lives amazing!

I love my friends... and there are a lot of them. and none of them is my favorite because they are all means a lot to me more precious than or more costly than golds. They are my very dear friends. I can go anywhere with my friends even hike to the highest mountains... or swim to the deepest oceans or disappear to the darkest places. With my friends I can just be worries... I can laugh with them...cry with them. Then sometimes talks nonsense talks or talks serious talks. And most of all they are there for me. To me its friends that makes the world go round.....But its God who made friends go around....with you!

I will share to you my friends hoping you too would be encourage by them: I will start with my friend Nep; she is an amazing woman of her time. She works here and there, she helps there and here, she talk and walk and drive, she stays very late at night. She devote her life to God that is why "now you see her now you don't". I have another friend her name is Sill, she is such a giver. Her heart is big enough for those who needs her. She loves to give...and give...and give. But seldom she receives. So, God bless her with soo much....much more than what she asked. God gave her parents soo loving and for her they would give everything. I have a friend name Haras, she is just different but not indifferent. She loves to plan and give people a run. She also loves to study to make someones life steady. She loves to cook which is very good specially if she's in the mood. I love her so much and she is very responsible... if you like to can make her a call. She's a nurse who is always on too would like her because she is cool. My other friend her name is Skar, I love her beyond compare. I look at her as my older sister because she cries when I went twister. She loves me much and I just know that... but, situations just went tough. She cares a lot about peoples where abouts. She help so much without a doubts. She loves coffee and sometimes i would like to give her a trophy. All I could say is...she is a one in a million lady. Another lovely friend Nylrej, she too is none alike...though she's far away but her heart is here to stay. People just love her though...even those whom she just met not so. sometimes its hard to let her go because we know that she cares a lot of what would people do. She loves to help the children and the poor...that is why she's far away to work hard so that she could give more. There's a friend of mine name Meij, she love to dance and cook and teach she also love a friend in need. She help out things with many links... so she gained a lot of friends and her works are not in vain. I like her though for she is true...and next time we know she would be saying "I do!". I have a friend her name is Zed, she has a girl that is such a cuter, so... all of us just love her. She is a down to earth kind of woman and no one would like to say "no" to her if she would love to have some. She loves to help her mum to wash the laundry and to throw the trash. I like her so because a lady like her is very few. Then I also has a friend name Airolg, she works in a kids in a hospital because she is a nurse. She start early and come home late and that is because she loves to hang out with the kids. I love her so and that is true, our friendship never went blue. She asked me to visit her and that depends on what my Master would hear.

See..., all y friends have given their lives for the sake of others. They almost forgot that they too needs some helps. But you why the could always extends their hands and hearts...its because JESUS gave His life to them/us first.

There's a lot more that i would love to add... I have more than this... but, it is hard for me to think because I am both hungry and sleepy.

Lets treasure our friends more than anything expensive.....for friends are priceless and they are gifts that only God our dear Lord could give us. I once heard this from a friend that "a relationship is worth restoring for." all those who take their time and read this...thank you and God bless.

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